Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why not to buy a hp printer on clearance

Basically never even consider buying a HP printer from the open box clearence shelf. A week ago I bought a HP 5610v printer from the ioopen box clearence shelf for $30 down from $129. Great deal right?

Well it did not have a cord, so I thought I would use my other hp cord which looked like it would fit and if not surely I could pick on up for $10 or less.

It did not have instructions or drivers. Surely I could download them online.

It did not come with cartridges. No biggy, the black cartridge was only $21.

So I bought it and the HP 56 catridge. $51 altogether. So I get home and unplug my other hp printer and start to plug the new one in and it dod not fit. Looking closer there is a small slot that is on the wrong side. It also was a 15v vs 16v. So I get online and find out a new power adapter for this printer is $59 new plus shipping. That was not good. Finally after searching high and low I found a used adapter for $13 plus $ shipping on Ebay. $20 but better than nothing.

6 days later I finally get my adapter cord. So I plug it in and put int the cartridge, and it starts displaying an error. It apparently needs the other tri-color cartridge to work. I am a bit confused as to why I cannot just print with the black, so I installed the software the only thing so far that hasn't costed anything. Anyway, I thought maybe the software would let me disable the need for the second cartridge, no it was not a feature. So I had to get the second HP 22 cartridge which is a ripoff for the amount of ink available. $15.

So far I have spent $86 on a clearence open box printer that I could have gotten a newer model boxed comparable hp printer for $89. But I saved $3 and the printer is now working.

Never again!

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