Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Homemade Loft Bed Playhouse for $150

This summer our daughter wanted a playhouse. After a lot of thought we decided to go ahead and create it in her room so she could play in it in the winter also. So we started search for the best way to create it, but we could only find overly done and expensive solutions. So what follows is what we cam up with. It costed us about $150 dollars, we already has a mattress but they would only be another $50.

Off to home depot we went. We fould the 1"x6"x8' pine unfinished toungue and groove siding. They were about $6 apiece. We bought 11. We also needed the trim which we used regular ripped 1"x4"x8' trim. They were $4 each which we bought 9. A box of 2" screws about $5. White paint and pink paint and primer. about $25. 8 2"x4"x8' studs for the frame about $2 each. For the Roof we used 1 1"x6"x8' and some scrap wood for the shingles. The steps we used 1 of the 1"x4"x8' trim boards and 1 1"x6"x10' board for the risers about $4.

We removed her old bed. We have the paneling on the wall which we decided to leave. Later we would remove the carpet in her room and replace it with laminate and put purple carpet inside the playhouse.

Next step is to get your wife to paint the boards. First use primer then add the paint. The pine will soak up paint like no tommorrow.

While the primer and paint is drying time to build the frame. Pick the height you want the platform. I chose 48". Measure your mattress and build your platform. You'll need 6 pieces for the width and 2 pices for the length. Lay the 6 pieces evenly spaced and screw them together with the 2.5 or 3 inch screws. I use 2.5. Cut a piece of 3/8 inch sheathing to size and screw the down to the platform with 1.5 or 2 inch screws. I put screws in everything, you could use nails but I prefer screws because I feel they make for a tighter and stringer structure. Screw on your legs and then using a stud finder find the studs in the wall and screw the legs to them with 3.5 or 3inch screws. I also used 2 2.5" lag screws.

Part 2, now for the finish

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